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iPhone 13 Pro Max Honeycomb Radiating PC Phone Case - White

iPhone 13 Pro Max

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1. The football honeycomb heat dissipation hole design solves the heat dissipation function of mobile phones with concentrated heat dissipation, and does not drop frames under high loads such as games and videos.
2. PC material, anti-fall and shock-proof, anti-fall and shock-proof at four corners, rigid and flexible, all-round three-dimensional protection.
3. The tactility is quick, just like the touch of the real machine keys, which effectively prolongs the life of the original machine keys.
4. The all-inclusive design of fine holes fully protects the lens and camera protection, anti-wear and anti-scratch.
5. The mold is opened on the real machine, the design of the fine hole of the speaker can effectively prevent dust from clogging the speaker, and the buttons fit together.
6. The shape is simple, leaving a pure and comfortable impression on everyone.

Note: The actual product is subject to the title model, and the picture model is for reference only.

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iPhone 13 Pro Max