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iPhone 13 Pro Max Acrylic + TPU MagSafe Protective Phone Case - Green

iPhone 13 Pro Max



1. Material: metal+acrylic+TPU
2. Simple, easy to operate, comfortable and easy to carry.
3. Long-term use as new, anti-fouling, anti-fingerprints.
4. Magnetic charging, no need to remove the case and automatically align it, which is convenient and quick.
5. Built-in anti-fall airbag, all-round protection, effective shock resistance, drop resistance and scratch resistance.
6. The real machine has 1: 1 mold opening, the speaker has a fine hole design, and the buttons are also very close, so charging can be plugged and unplugged without hindrance.

Note: The actual product is subject to the title model, and the picture model machine is only for reference

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iPhone 13 Pro Max